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Need help using the Gaspy app? We're here to help. Check out the FAQs below or contact us, if you can't find what you're looking for.

If Gaspy has not found any nearby stations, it could be that you have your My Fuel set to a fuel type that is unavailable in your area. To check this, tap the My Fuel button located at the bottom of the main screen. 91 is the common fuel type found around the country. Here you can also set your fuel preference to Premium to see both 95 and 98 in your list.

You can also try turning off the coffee/toilet filter to see more stations.

Last thing to check is your max search radius, which is normally set to 20km. You can edit this by tapping into the Settings screen.

If you spy a new station, contact us via the button below and we’ll be sure to add it.

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Because the Truck Stop is only usable with a brand fuel card, please turn on Show Truck Stops in the Settings in order to see it in your list.

If we don’t have this truck stop listed, contact us via the button below, to let us know if it has a standard payment option so that anyone can use it or if it can only be used with certain branded fuel cards.

We check all incoming messages of missing Truck Stops and stations and updates should show up in Gaspy soon.

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If the price at a station is incorrect, you can update it by tapping the red Update Price button, entering the correct price and tapping Done.

If the Update/Confirm Price buttons aren’t showing, it may be because you're in search mode. Tap the small cross at the right hand end of the search textbox to return to normal, then find the station in your list. Note that if you are within about 800m of the station it will automatically pop to the top of your list and highlight yellow so that you don't need to go looking for it.

If you are close to a station you can always update the price.

We have limited long distance updates due to some people misusing this service.

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Generally our prices are accurate, though prices are changing rapidly at the moment, so you may have been the first person to see a new price. It could also be that someone entered an incorrect price.

Occasionally a bad Spy will try to infiltrate our Carmunity. If you suspect a bad egg, take a screenshot of the price at the station and send it to us. It will have the name of this dirty agent who last updated the price and we will take action. Alternatively, let us know the name of the Spy and the station and we will take a look.

Gaspy investigates all reports of misuse and has zero tolerance of bad Spy behaviour.

If you are close to a station you can update your price yourself. Always remember to enter the correct price as shown on the pump, with no discounts added.

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The Discount filter allows you to see stations with selected discounts near you.

If the price displayed in the app is red, this is because you have discounts turned on for these stations. If a discount does not apply to you, you can turn this off in Discounts at the bottom of the screen. The red price will show the pump price above the discounted price.

All other stations’ prices are black and these are always the pump price with no discount applied.

When updating prices in Gaspy, it should only be the price as displayed on the pump, as not all discounts apply to everyone.

In the free version of the app you can add one Custom Discount. In Gaspy Gold you can add as many as you like. If you would like to try Gaspy Gold free for one month, you can do so in the app.

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It is a legal requirement for all fuel stations to publish accurate prices on their boards. Gaspy can not compel businesses to adhere to the law but the Commerce Commision can. Please push on with your efforts to report the accurate price of each station. Stay strong Gas Spies!

Log out of the app. When logging back in there will be an option to reset your password. You can also go to Settings to change your password, username and email address.

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You earn Spy Coins every time you update a fuel price in the Gaspy app and someone confirms that price.

The little gold number (10, 20, 40 etc.) to the left of the price tells you the number of Spy Coins awarded to both the Updater and the Confirmer each time that price is confirmed.

Prices at stations that aren't interacted with as much are worth more to try and encourage people to update and confirm them.

The points are allocated to the stations automatically and all start at 10. They then recalculate weekly based on update frequency.

Spy Coins are calculated over a seven day period and are reset every Sunday at midnight. All-time Spy Coin balances decline daily at a rate of 1% or 1 Spy Coin (whichever is greater) to keep Gas Spies on their toes and keep the game play moving.

Spy Coins serve as the in-game currency in the app. Gaspy’s goal is to keep all fuel prices displayed accurately and so the Game offers Spies an extra incentive to update and confirm prices. You can earn badges and new hats, as well as compete with other Spies for a position on the regional Leaderboards.

You can learn more about Spy Coins, Hat colours and more in the Code Book from the Profile screen.

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If you have “Favourited” stations and you no longer want to receive price change alerts, tap on the top most green heart. This will take you to your list of Favourite stations. You can then tap on each individually and deselect stations for the different fuel types selected.

Watch this short video for more on Favourites:

Gaspy has a growing list of EV charge stations and aims to have the most comprehensive list in NZ. If you notice a charger that we don't already have in the app, please let us know so we can add it, thanks!

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Yes, the distances you see in Gaspy are "as the crow flies" meaning a direct line between your location and a station. You can use the directions feature (icon) at the top right of each expanded listing to get a clearer idea of the actual time and distance to your preferred station.

Would you rather occasionally tap your phone screen once with your finger or pay $1.69 a month? Now you can choose! Select either seeing a few peripheral ads in Gaspy and paying nothing, zip, nada, or join Gaspy Gold premium services and banish those infuriating advertisements into oblivion.

The Gaspy App has been free to use since its conception seven years ago. The original version is still free and will likely remain so indefinitely. Each year Gaspy saves Kiwi drivers hundreds of millions of dollars. We have consciously chosen to make our subscription service as affordable as possible while still providing the original version free of charge. Please continue to enjoy saving money with the free version or consider helping us help others by trying Gaspy Gold.

You can sign up for a free 1 month trial in Settings under your profile.

To download the Gaspy app, please visit your appropriate app store here: Get for Android or Get for iPhone

Gaspy regularly sends out new updates that improve our design and functionality. To get the best out of the app, please make sure you update to the most recent version. You can do this in the Google Play Store by searching for the Gaspy app and hitting Update.

To connect with other Gas Spies, join the Gaspy Carmunity Facebook group.

For an ad-free experience, try Gaspy Gold.

For the very best Gaspy experience for the whole of the Carmunity, please keep updating prices accurately and let us know of any changes to stations.

Thanks for using Gaspy! Still have questions?

If you still have a question, have noticed an issue or simply want to say hello, please contact us below to chat directly to our team.

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